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Thanks, Laura. I do like Austin, though I've heard Baylor has a great museum for the kiddos. The baseball team spanked UT 4 times this year. Better those 4 times than this weekend. I'm impressed with what Scott Drew has done with the basketball team in light of the past few years. (I'm also a Bryce Drew fan.) My finally Baylor connection, my brother has a friend that teaches there...Dr. Tony Talbert.

How's that for more info than you wanted?

Looking forward to reading your posts.


Lexie, I've been wanting to get that book - can't wait to read your review.

Also, congrats on the Intellectuelle spot! I didn't know you were from Austin - I'm from just up the road in Waco. Much prefer your town over mine, though. ;)


Thanks, Megan. You gave great advice about choosing books. There's some interesting ones coming down the pike.

Sorry about the flak from the other person. Do what you need to do. (How middle of the road is that?)


Yay! Glad you got a keeper from the deal. I thought my saga with it all was over, having dropped out after my two duds, but I just got a comment from a disgruntled fellow reviewer taking me to task for my negative review. I am trying *so hard* not to respond although I desperately want to. :)

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