2016 First Four: Vanderbilt's Mr. C vs. Wichita State's WuShock

The second game of the tourney pits #11 Vanderbilt's Mr. Commodore, a naval officer, against #11 Wichita State's WuShock, a shock (bundle), of wheat. 

Vanderbilt 2016button Vanderbilt 2016button


  2016 Vanderbilt Mr. Commodore 2016 Vanderbilt Commodore

 These two are working Twitter with trash talk that inspires hope of a halftime dance-off. 

WuShock also had a nice take on an oft-heard joke: 

2015 NCAA Sweet Sixteen Games List with Mascot Emoji and Twitter Handles Elimination List

I"ll update this list of Sweet 16 games with mascots as the teams are eliminated. (You can follow my list of  2015Sweet16Mascots twitter list to keep up with the 12 tweeters .) The final scores are to the right. (As long as the web page lines up.) 

Thanks to the WaPo for sharing the emoji-making brilliance of Julia Heffernan with us. 

3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

   The Leprechaun    @NDTheLeprechaun   81


 7 Wichita State Shockers

WuShock, a shock of wheat   @Wu_Shock  70


 1 Wisconsin Badgers  

  Bucky    @UWBuckyBadger  79


4 North Carolina Tar Heels  

  Ramses the Ram     @Rameses_UNC  71


1 Kentucky Wildcats 

 The Wildcat    twitterless  78


5 West Virginia Mountaineers 

   The Mountaineer     @WVUMascot  39 (ouch!)


2 Arizona Wildcats

  Wilbur T. Wildcat     @OfficialWilbur  68


6 Xavier Muskeeters

 D'Artagnan     twitterless  60


2 Gonzaga Bulldogs ('Zags)    

  Spike     twitterless    74


11 UCLA Bruins  

 Joe Bruin     @UCLAJoeBruin  62


4 Louisville Cardinals  

 Louie the Cardinal     @LouieTheCard  75


8 NC State Wolfpack    

  Mr. Wuf     @Mr_Wuf_GoPack  65


1 Duke Blue Devils  

 The Blue Devil   @The1BlueDevil  64


5 Utah Utes

  Swoop the Red-Tailed Hawk     @SwoopHawk  57 (So close!)


3 Oklahoma Sooners 

 Boomer, pony     twitterless  58 (Another close one.) 


7  Michigan State Spartans

 Sparty     @TheRealSparty  62

2015 NCAA Sweet Sixteen Mascot List with Emoji and Twitter Handles

A quick list of the 2015 NCAA Sweet Sixteen mascots with their WaPo emoji and their twitter handles. (Follow my 2015Sweet16Mascots twitter list to keep up with the 12 tweeters .)

They are listed by tourney seed, then alphabetically.


1 Duke Blue Devils       The Blue Devil   @The1BlueDevil

1 Kentucky Wildcats        The Wildcat    twitterless

1 Wisconsin Badgers     Bucky    @UWBuckyBadger

2 Arizona Wildcats        Wilbur T. Wildcat     @OfficialWilbur

2 Gonzaga Bulldogs ('Zags)         Spike     twitterless     

3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish    The Leprechaun    @NDTheLeprechaun

3 Oklahoma Sooners      Boomer, pony     twitterless

4 Louisville Cardinals       Louie the Cardinal     @LouieTheCard

4 North Carolina Tar Heels       Ramses the Ram     @Rameses_UNC

5 Utah Utes         Swoop the Red-Tailed Hawk     @SwoopHawk

5 West Virginia Mountaineers     The Mountaineer     @WVUMascot

6 Xavier Muskeeters           D'Artagnan     twitterless

7  Michigan State Spartans      Sparty     @TheRealSparty

7 Wichita State Shockers   WuShock, a shock of wheat   @Wu_Shock

8 NC State Wolfpack        Mr. Wuf     @Mr_Wuf_GoPack

11 UCLA Bruins       Joe Bruin     @UCLAJoeBruin

*Thanks, again to WaPo for sharing the emoji-making brilliance of Julia Heffernan.

2014 - The First Five Teams to Punch Their Dance Cards

JohnHarvardThe Harvard Crimson was the first team in this year. There's not much info to be found about mascot John Harvard, except this handsome picture. 

Has anyone seen him at the basketball games this year? The football games? A Thanksgiving parade? I'd love to know if he's still around. 



EKUcolonel300x242The Eastern Kentucky Colonels will have The Colonel on the sidelines, though some would like him to be permanently ejected. 



CoastalCarolinaChaunceyChanticleerThe Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (SHON-ti-clears) and Chauncey Chanticleer are celebrating their first tourney bid since 1993. FYI, Chauncey is a rooster. The chanticleer mascot comes from a character in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. The Chanticleer is a proud and fierce rooster who dominates the barnyard. 


WUShockMVCChamp2014smallThe Wichita State Shockers and WuShock enter the tournament with an unblemished 34-0 record, which hasn't been done since 1991's UNLV team. Indiana's 1975-76 team was the last undefeated national champion, and that was before the tournament expanded to 64 teams.(Thanks to USA Today for the info.)



MercerTobyTheBearThe Mercer Bears with Toby, and perhaps his lady Tot, are one of the tiny dancers this year. 




So far, WuShock and Chauncey are the most unique in the field. We'll see what rest of the 68 teams brings.