2015 NCAA Sweet Sixteen Mascot List with Emoji and Twitter Handles

A quick list of the 2015 NCAA Sweet Sixteen mascots with their WaPo emoji and their twitter handles. (Follow my 2015Sweet16Mascots twitter list to keep up with the 12 tweeters .)

They are listed by tourney seed, then alphabetically.


1 Duke Blue Devils       The Blue Devil   @The1BlueDevil

1 Kentucky Wildcats        The Wildcat    twitterless

1 Wisconsin Badgers     Bucky    @UWBuckyBadger

2 Arizona Wildcats        Wilbur T. Wildcat     @OfficialWilbur

2 Gonzaga Bulldogs ('Zags)         Spike     twitterless     

3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish    The Leprechaun    @NDTheLeprechaun

3 Oklahoma Sooners      Boomer, pony     twitterless

4 Louisville Cardinals       Louie the Cardinal     @LouieTheCard

4 North Carolina Tar Heels       Ramses the Ram     @Rameses_UNC

5 Utah Utes         Swoop the Red-Tailed Hawk     @SwoopHawk

5 West Virginia Mountaineers     The Mountaineer     @WVUMascot

6 Xavier Muskeeters           D'Artagnan     twitterless

7  Michigan State Spartans      Sparty     @TheRealSparty

7 Wichita State Shockers   WuShock, a shock of wheat   @Wu_Shock

8 NC State Wolfpack        Mr. Wuf     @Mr_Wuf_GoPack

11 UCLA Bruins       Joe Bruin     @UCLAJoeBruin

*Thanks, again to WaPo for sharing the emoji-making brilliance of Julia Heffernan.

Half of the 2015 Sweet Sixteen in Mascot Emoji

Listed in order from lowest seed to highest:

   Rameses the Ram, UNC Tar Heels

  Mr. Wuf, NC State Wolfpack

  The Leprechaun, Notre Dame Fighting Irish

  Joe Bruin, UCLA Bruins

   Swoop the red-tailed hawk, Utah Utes

   D'Artagnan, Xavier Muskeeters

  Wilbur T. Wildcat, Arizona Wildcats

  Wildcat, Kentucky Wildcats

Some  Most of these primary mascots have secondary mascots that usually don't travel with them.  Mr. Wuf has Mrs. Wuf. Joe Bruin has Josephine Bruin. D'Argagnan has the Blue Blob. Wilbur T. Wildcat has Wilma T. Wildcat. The Kentucky Wildcat has a child-friendly counterpart named Scratch.  Maybe they'll make an exception for this special occasion.

(The awesome emjois are courtesy of The Washington Post sharing the talents of Julia Heffernan with readers.)


2013 NCAA Men's Sweet Sixteen Team Name Breakdown

Here's a quick breakdown of the team names of the 2013 Sweet Sixteen. (Not to be confused with the team mascots.)

2013 Sweet Sixteen summary by team name:  7 people, 6 animals, 1 weather event, & 1 color 

The people include 3 resident names and 4 occupations. 

To determine the category of each name, I went back to the origins of the name, not just what it appears to mean. 


Arizona Wildcats
Florida Gators
Florida Gulf Coast Eagles
Louisville Cardinals
Marquette Golden Eagles
Michigan Wolverines
Oregon Ducks
Duke Blue Devils (inspired by WWI French soldiers)
Indiana Hoosiers (residents of Indiana)
Kansas Jayhawks (1850's free-stater Kansans)
La Salle Explorers
Michigan State Spartans (ancient Greek warriors)
Ohio State Buckeyes (Ohio residents)
Wichita State Shockers (wheat harvesters)
Miami Hurricanes
Syracuse Orange


Hope this helps your win a trivia contest. Or at least amaze your friends with your newfound knowledge.

2013 NCAA Men's Sweet Sixteen Mascots Breakdown

Have you been wondering how many animal mascots are in the Sweet 16 this year? How many teams don't have mascots? Wonder no more. 

Before this knowledge bomb drops, think about the difference between the team nickname and the mascot. They are not always the same and that can affect the mascot stats. For example, North Carolina's team nickname is the Tarheels but their mascot is a ram. So, when counting the types of mascots in the tournament would North Carolina be in the person category or the animal category? (You don't have to worry about that this year because they're already gone.)

In this post we'll look at the team mascots in this year's Sweet 16.  (We also have the breakdown by team name.)

2013 Sweet Sixteen summary by mascot:  8 animals, 3 plant based, 2 people, 2 mascotless teams, & 1 spirit

Not enough detail? Let's dissect the animal mascots: 

6 w/feathers, 1 w/fur, and 1 w/scales = 1 duck, 2 eagles, 1 gator, 1 ibis, 1 jayhawk, 1 wildcat.

Here's the list. 

Arizona Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat
Florida Albert and Alberta Gator
FGCU Azul the Eagle
Kansas Big Jay & Lil'Jay (fictional birds)
Louisville Cardinal Bird
Marquette The Golden Eagle
Miami Sebastian Ibis
Oregon The Duck
Ohio State Brutus the Buckeye (nut)
Syracuse Otto the Orange
Wichita State WuShok, wheat sheaf
La Salle The Explorer
Michigan State Sparty the Spartan Warrior
Indiana no mascot
Michigan no mascot
Duke The Blue Devil

Breaking down the tournament by mascot minutia, that's 64mascots.com. I'll leave the basketball analysis to GregGumble and compnay. 


2013 NCAA Men's Sweet Sixteen Teams and Mascots

What are the mascots for the 2013 Sweet Sixteen? Glad you asked. Here's they are, listed by region. (True students of mascotolgy will note that some of them don't have a mascot and some mascots don't match the team nickname.)

If this list doesn't satisfy your need for mascot info, check out the Sweet 16 breakdown by mascot and team name. (Yep. They're different lists.)


2013 Sweet Sixteen March Madness Mascots  
EAST Washington, D.C.
School/Team Nickname Costumed Mascot
Indiana Hoosiers none
Syracuse Orange Otto, orange
Miami (FL) Hurricanes Sebastian, ibis
Marquette Golden Eagles Golden Eagle, eagle
WEST Los Angeles, CA
School/Team Nickname Costumed Mascot
Ohio State Buckeyes Brutus the Buckeye, nut
Arizona Wildcats Wilbur and Wilma T. Wildcat
Wichita State Shockers WuShock, wheat sheaf
La Salle Explorers The Explorer
MIDWEST Indianapolis, IN
School/Team Nickname Costumed Mascot
Louisville Cardinals Cardinal Bird
Oregon Ducks The Duck
Duke Blue Devils Blue Devil
Michigan St. Spartans Sparty, Spartan warrior
SOUTH Arlington, TX
School/Team Nickname Costumed Mascot
Kansas Big Jay & Lil' Jay, jayhawks
Michigan Wolverines none
Florida Gators Albert & Alberta, alligators
Florida Gulf Coast Eagles

Azul, eagle


This Google Doc has the Sweet Sixteen and the other mascot lists from 64mascots.com