2015 NCAA Sweet Sixteen Games List with Mascot Emoji and Twitter Handles Elimination List

I"ll update this list of Sweet 16 games with mascots as the teams are eliminated. (You can follow my list of  2015Sweet16Mascots twitter list to keep up with the 12 tweeters .) The final scores are to the right. (As long as the web page lines up.) 

Thanks to the WaPo for sharing the emoji-making brilliance of Julia Heffernan with us. 

3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

   The Leprechaun    @NDTheLeprechaun   81


 7 Wichita State Shockers

WuShock, a shock of wheat   @Wu_Shock  70


 1 Wisconsin Badgers  

  Bucky    @UWBuckyBadger  79


4 North Carolina Tar Heels  

  Ramses the Ram     @Rameses_UNC  71


1 Kentucky Wildcats 

 The Wildcat    twitterless  78


5 West Virginia Mountaineers 

   The Mountaineer     @WVUMascot  39 (ouch!)


2 Arizona Wildcats

  Wilbur T. Wildcat     @OfficialWilbur  68


6 Xavier Muskeeters

 D'Artagnan     twitterless  60


2 Gonzaga Bulldogs ('Zags)    

  Spike     twitterless    74


11 UCLA Bruins  

 Joe Bruin     @UCLAJoeBruin  62


4 Louisville Cardinals  

 Louie the Cardinal     @LouieTheCard  75


8 NC State Wolfpack    

  Mr. Wuf     @Mr_Wuf_GoPack  65


1 Duke Blue Devils  

 The Blue Devil   @The1BlueDevil  64


5 Utah Utes

  Swoop the Red-Tailed Hawk     @SwoopHawk  57 (So close!)


3 Oklahoma Sooners 

 Boomer, pony     twitterless  58 (Another close one.) 


7  Michigan State Spartans

 Sparty     @TheRealSparty  62

2015 Sweet Sixteen Mascot Breakdown - Nickname or Mascot?

Break it down now...

Using the costumed mascots, not team nicknames, the 2015 Sweet Sixteen has:

10 animals - 2 birds, 2 wildcats, 1 badger, 1 bear, 1 dog, 1 horse, 1 ram, and 1 wolf

3 people - 1 mountaineer, 1 musketeer, 1 Spartan (or 1 armed dude and 2 soldiers)

1 mythical person - The Leprechaun

1 plant - WuShock is a shock of wheat

1 spirit - You may want to group the Blue Devil with the Leprechaun, or put both of them with the people. Not sure when you'd need to do that, but you never know. 


Using the team nicknames to parse the group is easier, with just two categories - people and animals.

9 people

3 soldiers (2 French - Blue Devils & Musketeers, 1 ancient - Spartans)

1 Native American, 1 national resident, 1 illegal settler, 1 state resident, 1 mountain resident, 1 field worker

7 animals

2 wildcats, 1 badger, 1 bear, 1 bird, 1 dog, 1 wolf

Just think, without this blog, all that pondering about this issue would have nowhere to go - for better or worse.

2015 NCAA Sweet Sixteen Mascot Pairings with Emoji

No time to make this fit here, but I created a handy GoogleDoc of the 2015 Sweet 16 mascot emoji pairings. It's not exactly a bracket, but if you cross off the losers, you can use it as a wannabe bracket. (If you're a mascot fan with some web skills to contribute, let me know.)

Printing tips:

Select landscape and print background graphics. 

Zoom in or out (Ctrl + or Ctrl -) when the document is open to make sure all the parts are viewable on screen. When I printed from Chrome, it would only print what was showing on the screen. 

If you have any other printing tips, please leave a comment to help others. Thanks!