2016 First Four: Vanderbilt's Mr. C vs. Wichita State's WuShock

The second game of the tourney pits #11 Vanderbilt's Mr. Commodore, a naval officer, against #11 Wichita State's WuShock, a shock (bundle), of wheat. 

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  2016 Vanderbilt Mr. Commodore 2016 Vanderbilt Commodore

 These two are working Twitter with trash talk that inspires hope of a halftime dance-off. 

WuShock also had a nice take on an oft-heard joke: 

2013 NCAA Men's Division One Final Four Mascots

If you're like most people, your alma matter is not in the Final Four, so you don't have a dog in the hunt. How to decide which team to watch? You may actually consider the basketball prowess of the teams, but that's so overdone. Another option - choose by mascot. Even that has been done a lot. (For some good tips on that, check out the Fat Pastor's rules for choosing a winning mascot bracket


The Louisville Cardinal Bird vs Wichita State's WuShock, 2013 Final Four

 The #1 seeded Louisville Cardinals take on the #9 seeded Wichita State Shockers at 5:09pm CT on Saturday, April, 6 in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Syracuse's Otto the Orange vs Michigan's...nothing, 2013 Final Four

It's a battle of the #4 seeds when the Syracuse Orange meet the Michigan Woloverines at 7:49pm CT on Saturday, April 6th in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Mascot Snapshot: #14 Valparasio Crusaders vs #3 Michigan State Spartans

Clash of the fighter dudes. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook. 


Valparasio Crusader

Website -  ValpoAthletics.com/Crusader

Twitter - @ValpoUCrusader

Facebook -  Facebook.com/ValpoCrusader



Michigan-State-University-Traditions-Sparty-Struts-169x225 Sparty the Spartan

Website - Sparty's page MSU Student Alumni Foudantion

Twitter - @TheRealSparty

Facebook - Facebook.com/MSUSparty (Doesn't say official, but look likes it is.)



Affiliate link - What self-respecting MSU fan doesn't have some MSU Duck Brand Duct Tape?


Sparty probably keeps a roll on hand for emergencies.