What about the 2015 list?

I'm resuscitating my March Madness mascot life this year, but can just manage the list starting with the Sweet Sixteen in a timely manner. I'll retroactively post the entire list at some point, or not. 

A few things that caught my attention this year:

  • Three Pistol Petes made the tourney this year: Oklahoma State, New Mexico State, and Wyoming. (Though New Mexico State is the Aggies, their mascot is a cowboy. Guess that's more intimidating than a farmer.) Not surprisingly, in this era of marketing, OSU filed a lawsuit against NMS about the use of their "Classic Aggie" image. 
  • Blaze, the UAB dragon, is quite cute.
  • There is a mascot and a nickname inspired by  non-newspaper texts: UC Irvine's Peter the Anteater, inspired by Johhny Hart's B.C. comic strip, and the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers honor a proud bird in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
  • Does Harvard have a mascot or not? I see online pictures of him, but have found nothing official online, nor have I seen him at the games. Granted, he probably wouldn't get much airtime, based on the pictures I've seen.
  • The WaPo mascot emjoi's created by Juila Herfernan made me smile. 

I leave you with the mascot emoji mentioned in this post, plus one.


2013 NCAA Men's Sweet Sixteen Teams and Mascots

What are the mascots for the 2013 Sweet Sixteen? Glad you asked. Here's they are, listed by region. (True students of mascotolgy will note that some of them don't have a mascot and some mascots don't match the team nickname.)

If this list doesn't satisfy your need for mascot info, check out the Sweet 16 breakdown by mascot and team name. (Yep. They're different lists.)


2013 Sweet Sixteen March Madness Mascots  
EAST Washington, D.C.
School/Team Nickname Costumed Mascot
Indiana Hoosiers none
Syracuse Orange Otto, orange
Miami (FL) Hurricanes Sebastian, ibis
Marquette Golden Eagles Golden Eagle, eagle
WEST Los Angeles, CA
School/Team Nickname Costumed Mascot
Ohio State Buckeyes Brutus the Buckeye, nut
Arizona Wildcats Wilbur and Wilma T. Wildcat
Wichita State Shockers WuShock, wheat sheaf
La Salle Explorers The Explorer
MIDWEST Indianapolis, IN
School/Team Nickname Costumed Mascot
Louisville Cardinals Cardinal Bird
Oregon Ducks The Duck
Duke Blue Devils Blue Devil
Michigan St. Spartans Sparty, Spartan warrior
SOUTH Arlington, TX
School/Team Nickname Costumed Mascot
Kansas Big Jay & Lil' Jay, jayhawks
Michigan Wolverines none
Florida Gators Albert & Alberta, alligators
Florida Gulf Coast Eagles

Azul, eagle


This Google Doc has the Sweet Sixteen and the other mascot lists from 64mascots.com


2013 March Madness Mascot Names, Schools, Team Nicknames

Need another way to pick a bracket? How about by mascot. You've done that already? Are you sure? Did you use the mascot or the team nickname?

The team nickname will not always be the same as the mascot. For example, North Carolina's team nickname is the Tarheels, but their mascot is a ram.

So, if you're prone to overthinkng your brackets, here's more information to fuel your brain exertion - the actual mascot match-ups by region. I included the team nicknames just for fun. (I know the tables aren't pretty, but they do the job. This Google Doc has three lists with the mascot names, school names and team nicknames. Thanks for reading! 


Midwest Region  West Region  South Region  East Region


 MIDWEST REGION - Indianapolis, IN
1 Cardinal Bird (Louisville Cardinals)
16 Bulldog, Nameless? NCAT alum help! (North Carolina A&T Aggies)
8 Rodney the Ram (Colorado State Rams)
9 Truman the Tiger (Missouri Tigers)
5 Pistol Pete, with mascot head (Oklahoma St. Cowboys)
12 The Duck (Oregon Ducks)
4 The Billiken (St. Louis)
13 Pistol Pete, no mascot head (New Mexico St, Aggies)
6 Pounce the Tiger (Memphis Tigers)
11 Rnd 1 Winner
3 Sparty, Spartan warrior (Michigan State Spartans)
14 The Crusader (Valparaiso Crusaders)
7 Billy Bluejay (Creighton Bluejays)
10 The Bearkat (Cincinnati Bearkats)
2 The Blue Devil (Duke Blue Devils)
15 Damien & Lil'D, Great Danes (Albany Great Danes)

Midwest Regional mascots  West Regional mascots

South Regional mascots  East Regional Regional mascots  Home


WEST REGION -Los Angeles, CA

1 Spike the Bulldog (Gonzaga Bulldogs)
16 ? the Jaguar (Southern U. Jaguars)
8 Roc the Panther (Pittsburgh Panthers)
9 WuShock the Wheat Sheaf (Wichita State Shockers)
5 Buckingham "Bucky" U. Badger (Wisconsin Badgers)
12 Rebel Black Bear (Mississippi "Ole Miss" Rebels)
4 Willie the Wildcat (Kansas State Wildcats)
13 Rnd 1 Winner
6 Wilbur and Wilma T. Wildcat (Arizona Wildcats)
11 Bruiser the Bruin (Belmont Bruins)
3 Lobo Louie and Lobo Lucy, wolves (New Mexico Lobos)
14 John Harvard the 17th Century Clergyman ? (Harvard Crimson)
7 The Leprechaun (Notre Dame Fighting Irish)
10 Cy the Cardinal (Iowa State Cyclones)
2 Brutus the Buckeye Nut (Ohio State Buckeyes)
15 Killian the Gael (Iona Gaels)

Midwest Regional mascots  West Regional mascots

South Regional mascots  East Regional Regional mascots    Home

 SOUTH REGION - Arlington, TX
1 Big Jay & Lil' Jay (Kansas Jayhawks)
16 Big Red the Blob (Western Kentucky HIlltoppers)
8 Rameses the Ram (North Carolina Tarheels)
9 Will D. Cat (Villanova Wildcats)
5 Rodney the Ram (Virginia Commonwealth Univ. Rams)
12 Zippy the Kangaroo (Akron Zips)
4 No Mascot (Michigan Wolverines)
13 Jack the Jack Rabbit (South Dakota State Jackrabbits)
6 Joe & Josephine Bruin, brown bears (UCLA Bruins)
11 Goldy the Gopher (Minnesota Golden Gophers)
3 Albert and Alberta Gator (Florida Gators)
14 Vic the Demon (Northwestern State Demons)
7 The Aztec Warrior (San Diego State Aztecs)
10 Boomer and Soooner, horses (Oklahoma Sooners)
2 Jack the Bulldog (Georgetown Hoyas)
15 Azul the Eagle (Florida Gulf Coast Eagles)

Midwest Regional mascots  West Regional mascots

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EAST REGION - Washington, D.C.

1 No Mascot (Indiana Hoosiers)
16 Round 1 Winner
8 Mr. and Mrs. Wuf (NC State Wolfpack)
9 Hooter the Owl (Temple Owls)
5 Hey Reb! & Lil' Reb, mountain men (UNLV Rebels)
12 Oski the Golden Bear (California Golden Bears)
4 Otto the Orange (Syracuse Orange)
13 Montana "Monte" the Grizzly Bear (Montana Grizzlies)
6 Hink the Bulldog (Butler Bulldogs)
11 Bucky the Bison (Bucknell Bison)
3 The Golden Eagles (Marquette Golden Eagles)
14 Mr. Cat or Will E. Wildcat (Davidson Wildcats)
7 No Mascot (Illinois Fighting Illini)
10 Chip the Buffalo (Colorado Buffaloes)
2 Sebastian the Ibis (Miami Hurricanes)
15 Power Cat the Tiger (Pacific Tigers)

Midwest Regional mascots  West Regional mascots

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2013 March Madness Schools and Nicknames by Region

In a obvious substance over style effort, here's the 2013 March Madness schools by region with their team nickname. (The nickname doesn't always correspond to the mascot.) This Google Doc has three lists for the 2013 tournament. 


  Indianapolis, IN     Los Angeles, CA     Arlington, TX     Washington, D.C.
1 Louisville Cardinals   1 Gonzaga Bulldogs   1 Kansas Jayhawks   1 Indiana Hoosiers
16 Round 1 Winner   16 Southern U. Jaguars   16 Western Kentucky   16 Round 1 Winner
8 Colorado St. Rams   8 Pittsburgh Panthers   8 North Carolina Tarheels   8 NC State Wolfpack
9 Missouri Tigers   9 Wichita State Shockers   9 Villanova Wildcats   9 Temple Owls
5 Oklahoma St. Cowboys   5 Wisconsin Badgers   5 VCU Rams   5 UNLV Rebels
12 Oregon Ducks   12 Ole Miss Rebels   12 Akron Zips   12 California Golden Bears
4 Saint Louis Billikens   4 Kansas St. Wildcats   4 Michigan Wolverines   4 Syracuse Orange
13 New Mexico State Aggies   13 Rnd 1 Winner   13 South Dakota St. Jackrabbits   13 Montana Grizzlies
6 Memphis Tigers   6 Arizona Wildcats   6 UCLA Bruins   6 Butler Bulldogs
11 Rnd 1 Winner   11 Belmont Bruins   11 Minnesota Golden Gophers   11 Bucknell Bison
3 Michigan St. Spartans   3 New Mexico Lobos   3 Florida Gators   3 Marquette Golden Eagels
14 Valparaiso Crusaders   14 Harvard Crimson   14 Northwestern St. Demons   14 Davidson Wildcats
7 Creighton Bluejays   7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish   7 San Diego St. Aztecs   7 Illinois Fighting Illini
10 Cincinnati Bearkats   10 Iowa St. Cyclones   10 Oklahoma Sooners   10 Colorado Buffaloes
2 Duke Blue Devils   2 Ohio State Buckeyes   2 Georgetown Hoyas   2 Miami (FL) Hurricanes
15 Albany Great Danes   15 Iona Gaels   15 Florida Gulf Coast Eagles   15 Pacific Tigers