2018 March Madness Mascots West Region - Los Angeles, California

West Region LA CA state city(Press zero to go straight to the mascot match-ups and pictures.)

The west must be a bit wild with two, possibly three cats of the wild plus two soldiers and a CA warrior whose mere existence is wild with controversy, the kind that is familiar to the FL school in this region. Said FL school is currently represented with a softer, gentler anthropomorphic horse who pays homage to the school's live horse mascot.

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2016 First Four: Michigan's non-existent mascot vs. Tulsa's Captain Cane

The last First Four game is #11 Michigan's nothin' vs. #11 Tulsa's Captain Cane. Obviously, based on actual mascots that attend games, etc., Michigan would not even be in the bracket. They have a nickname, but no physical representation of that nickname like other schools do. They have done okay without one. 

Captain Cane's Twitter is dormant since 2012, but you can check out the Tulsa Athletic Twitter for some mbb pics. 

Michigan's non-existent mascot has a non-existent Twitter account. 

They do have matching colors. 


  Michigan 2016 Button Michigan 2016 Button Michigan Picture Unavailable Tulsa Captain Cane

Tonight's Mascots: Louisville's Louie the Cardinal Bird vs. Michigan's Nothing

The college basketball season ends tonight. Sigh. #1 seed Louisville meets #4 Michigan. I have no ties to either school, so I'm simply hoping for a good game. However, given my affinity for mascots, I'll consider the game through a mascotological lens. In the mascot battle at tonight's championship game Louisville is the clear winner because Michigan doesn't field an actual mascot. That was easy. 

As a bonus, Louie is also active on Twitter @LouietheCard (Especially appropriate since he's a bird.) He'll be busy tonight and tomorrow night since both Louisville's men's and women's basketball teams in a national title game.  


Louie the Cardinal Bird of Louisville has no competition tonight at 2013 NCAA Men's D1 Basketball Championship because Michigan doesn't have a costumed mascot. The game will be a closer contest.

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2013 NCAA Men's Division One Final Four Mascots

If you're like most people, your alma matter is not in the Final Four, so you don't have a dog in the hunt. How to decide which team to watch? You may actually consider the basketball prowess of the teams, but that's so overdone. Another option - choose by mascot. Even that has been done a lot. (For some good tips on that, check out the Fat Pastor's rules for choosing a winning mascot bracket


The Louisville Cardinal Bird vs Wichita State's WuShock, 2013 Final Four

 The #1 seeded Louisville Cardinals take on the #9 seeded Wichita State Shockers at 5:09pm CT on Saturday, April, 6 in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Syracuse's Otto the Orange vs Michigan's...nothing, 2013 Final Four

It's a battle of the #4 seeds when the Syracuse Orange meet the Michigan Woloverines at 7:49pm CT on Saturday, April 6th in Atlanta, Georgia.