2013 NCAA Men's Sweet Sixteen Team Name Breakdown

Here's a quick breakdown of the team names of the 2013 Sweet Sixteen. (Not to be confused with the team mascots.)

2013 Sweet Sixteen summary by team name:  7 people, 6 animals, 1 weather event, & 1 color 

The people include 3 resident names and 4 occupations. 

To determine the category of each name, I went back to the origins of the name, not just what it appears to mean. 


Arizona Wildcats
Florida Gators
Florida Gulf Coast Eagles
Louisville Cardinals
Marquette Golden Eagles
Michigan Wolverines
Oregon Ducks
Duke Blue Devils (inspired by WWI French soldiers)
Indiana Hoosiers (residents of Indiana)
Kansas Jayhawks (1850's free-stater Kansans)
La Salle Explorers
Michigan State Spartans (ancient Greek warriors)
Ohio State Buckeyes (Ohio residents)
Wichita State Shockers (wheat harvesters)
Miami Hurricanes
Syracuse Orange


Hope this helps your win a trivia contest. Or at least amaze your friends with your newfound knowledge.

Mascot Trivia: Clash of the Spartans

Here's some trivia for ya. Feel free to configure your questions as needed.


Q: Which region has the potential "Clash of the Spartans?"

A: The West.  #1 Michigan State Spartans could meet #15 Norfolk State Spartans. (That's a big could, but you never know what kind of crazy things might happen.)


Other tidbits:

They both have State in their names.

They are both green and white.


Congratulations to the Norfolk State Spartans on their first NCAA tourney appearance in school history. Michigan, on the other hand, is making it's 26th appearance. 


I'll look up pics later, if it's still matters.

If you win some ridiculously innane contest with this triva, enjoy it and leave a comment below.. :)



NCAA Men's Tournament 2012 March Madness Mascots

Anyone filling out a bracket to include the "First Four" on Tuesday night? I'm not. No offense to the teams playing on Tuesday, but I'm still a tournament-starts-on-Thursday fan.

And I have stuff to do before Tuesday night.

If you're looking for a mascotology breakdown of the 2012 tournament, The Fat Pastor has put in the work for you. He also has a list of ground rules when choosing your Mascot Bracket.

I also found a PDF mascot bracket with the team names at PocketDoppler.com.

Have a soft spot for animals? Pick teams with threatened or endangered species for mascots with this nerdilicious info from David Shiffman (aka WhySharksMatter) at SouthernFriedScience.com.

Eventually, I'd like to do what these guys are doing, but since I don't have the time to create these wonder of trivia myslef, I'm happy to share the linkage and help spread the mascot knowledge.

Enjoy the tourney!