Sixers hire fan behind mascots' Twitter

Sixers hire fan behind mascots' Twitter

A hobby for a recent college grad became a full-time social media job.

Jerry Rizzo started unofficial Twitter account for two mascots competing to become the next Philadelphia 76ers mascot. In a clever PR move, the 76ers offered game tickets in exchange of control of the Twitter accounts. Rizzo agreed.

Now Rizzo is the social media coordinator for the team. Score!

Next question, will Phil E Moose (@PhilEMoose), B. Franklin Dogg (@BFranklinDogg) or Big Ben (@BigBen_76ers) be the next 76ers' mascot? 

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From Andy Dolich: Mascots are big business

Dolich: Mascots are big businessMarch 14, 2011DOLICH ARCHIVE


At the recent National Sports Forum in Louisville, KY, I sat down with David Raymond to talk about the business of Mascots. You may know him from his former day job as the Phillie Phanatic. David came out of his costume a few years ago and moved to the executive suite as head of The Raymond Entertainment Group. His company is one of the leading sports mascot consulting firms in the country. Raymond refers to himself as the “Emperor of Entertainment” and “Mascot Doctor.”

$7,000 - $18,000 for a mascot costume? Wow. They've come a long way since my days of drawing PHS Wildcat whiskers with eyeliner.

This article by Andy Dolich takes a quick look at the business of mascoting, including the best companies that produce mascot costumes and a sidebar with a a few mascot lists.