Butler Blue II Retires, Changing of the Collar Ceremony Tonight

There maybe a few tears the Butler vs. Xavier basketball game tonight. 

Not only is it Senior Night, it's also Blue II's last home basketball game in his official capacity. At half-time, during the Changing of the Crown ceremony, Blue II will pass the mantle of official live mascot for Butler University to Blue III, aka Trip. 

Here's a quick news segment with Blue II Blue III





Prepared for the puparazzi? Butler Blue 2 in TMZ Sports

Butler's live Bulldog mascot, Butler Blue 2, is leaving on a jet plane* for his 2nd consecutive Final Four appearance. TMZ ran this sweet composite pic with their article about Blue.


Last year's Final Four at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianaoplis was a short drive from the Butler campus. This year's Final Four at Houston's Reliant Stadium requires a different ride.

Due to NCAA regulations, he has not been at Butler's other NCAA Tournament games, but he was cleared for the Final Four shortly after Butler made it in. Of course, he broke the news on Twitter. 

BTW, Blue has flown before to the IZOD Center (Meadowlands) for the Butler-Duke game in December 2010. (Duke won by 12.)

Quite the social media hound, here's Blue 2's linkage:

Twitter @ButlerBlue2

Facebook ButlerBlue2

Flickr ButlerBlue2

UStream (webcam) Life and Times of Butler Blue II

YouTube ButlerBlue2

FourSquare ButlerBlue2

and finally, a blog Life and Times of Butler Blue 2. (The last update was August 2008. Safe to say he's evolved with the times.) 

 *3/31/11 Correction: Blue will be flying on a fan-chartered plane, not the team plane. 

2011 NCAA Final Four Mascots Pictures


Saturday, April 2, 5:09 pm CST

#8 Butler Bulldogs

Costumed Mascot: Hink

Live Mascot: Butler Blue 2 (will attend)



#11 Virginia Commonwealth Rams

 Costumed Mascot: Rodney the Ram

Live Mascot: none found





UConnHusky2011Replay Saturday, April 2, 7:49 pm CST

#3 Connecticut Huskies

Costumed Mascot: Jonathan the Husky

Live Mascot: Jonathan the Husky (won't attend)




KentuckyWildcat2011PatchSI139x225 #4 Kentucky Wildcats

 Costumed Mascot: The Wildcat (not Scratch)

Scratch is the Junior Wildcat Club Mascot 

Live Mascot: Blue, wildcat at Salato Wildlife Center







(The Butler, VCU and UConn pics are affiliate links to Replay Photos.)