2018 March Madness Mascots West Region - Los Angeles, California
2018 March Madness Bracket Google Doc with Team Nicknames plus List of Mascot Names

Dancing Mascot Gifs for 2018 March Madness! Thanks, Washington Post!

TCU gif SuperFrog
TCU SuperFrog

Stop the presses! Or the texting. Or whatever you're doing on an electronic communication device. Take a minute to grab some giffy mascot goodness, courtesy of the Washing Post. All 68 mascots are there waiting for a partner. Saunter over and fill up your dance card, or your sim card (Do phones still have those?), and add some even more fun to this fabulous time of year.  Thanks to WaPo for this and previous social media madness nuggets. Check those out and get you some. 

2015 NCAA Tournament Emoji   

2016 NCAA Tournament Campaign Buttons See what they did there? 

2017 RPI Interactive Graph to Visualize the NCAA March Madness Bubble   Wow. 2017 was a different kind of fun. It is cool how you can look at the different teams, but not nearly as cute as emojis. Is there a world where they can coexist? 

Side notes:

*The gifs have a Beavis-Hank Hill feel to them. Creator connection? 

*Skill need: learn the html to make the gif to do it's thing.

*I was so excited when I saw these. Really. It's a little concerning. 




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