2018 March Madness Mascot Match-ups by Region - with Pictures!
Dancing Mascot Gifs for 2018 March Madness! Thanks, Washington Post!

2018 March Madness Mascots West Region - Los Angeles, California

West Region LA CA state city(Press zero to go straight to the mascot match-ups and pictures.)

The west must be a bit wild with two, possibly three cats of the wild plus two soldiers and a CA warrior whose mere existence is wild with controversy, the kind that is familiar to the FL school in this region. Said FL school is currently represented with a softer, gentler anthropomorphic horse who pays homage to the school's live horse mascot.

Then there are two schools that opt out of the costumed mascot game altogether.

Offsetting the potential violence of the soldiers is a priest and his new canine sidekick.

Speaking of sidekicks, this region boasts four schools with pairs of mascots: an odd couple, a male and female (that's how they present, anyway), the previously mentioned priest and pup, and a familial pair with a Jr. (not sure if it's father/son, brother/brother or what). 

Then there's a bird who may or may not fly in. And a bison whose team says yes to the s

The group is rounded out with a possible opening line to a joke: a rabbit, a nut, and a bear walk into a gym...

Press zero to see this noteworthy group that will be cheering for their teams.

Oh, and if you're at the games in this region, do me a favor and give us a report on the Aztec warrior, maybe even snap a photo and share in the comments so we can see what this year's incarnation looks like. Thanks. 





  West Regional – Los Angeles, California
Xavier Musketeers The Blob and D'Artagnan
The Blue Blob and D'Artagnan
1 Xavier Musketeers vs 16

Winner of

North Carolina Central/Texas Southern

North Carolina Central Eagles Eddie
Eddie the Eagle

Texas Southern Tigers The Tiger
Missouri Tigers Truman

Missour   Tigers

vs 9 Florida State Seminoles
Florida State Seminoles Cimarron
Ohio State Buckeyes Brutus
5 Ohio State Buckeyes vs 12 South Dakota State Jackrabbits
South Dakota State Jackrabbits Jack
Gonzaga Bulldogs Spike
4 Gonzaga Bulldogs vs 13 UNC Greensboro Spartans
UNC Greensboro Spartans Spiro
Houston Cougars Shasta and Shasha
Sasha & Shasta
6 Houston Cougars vs 11

San Diego 



San Diegot State Aztec Warrior March 2018
Aztec Warrior
No Costumed Mascot


3 Michigan Wolverines vs 14



Montana Grizzlies Monte
No Costumed Mascot 7 Texas A&M Aggies vs 10 Providence   Friars
Providence Friars Dom and Dalmatian c. 2017
Friar Dom, Huxley and Friends
North Carolina Tarheels Rameses Jr aka RJ nd Rameses
Rameses and Rameses Jr. (RJ)
2 North Carolina Tarheels vs 15



Lipscomb Bisons LU Bison
LU Bison


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