2016 March Madness Mascot Lists List
2016 First Four: Vanderbilt's Mr. C vs. Wichita State's WuShock

2016 First Four: FDU's Knightro, a blue horse, vs. FGCU's Azul, an eagle

FairleighDickinson FairleighDickinson


The first game of the tourney* pits a blue horse against an eagle whose name means blue.  

#16 Fairleigh Dickinson Knights (as in chess pieces) vs. #16 Florida Gulf Coast Eagles  (Yep. Two #16s.)

Follow them on Twitter @TheRealKnightro and @AzulTheEagle.

 Farleigh Dickinson Knightro  FGCU Azul Run

*First game depends on if you think the tourney starts on Tuesday or Thursday. I lean towards Thursday, but am such a fan of the tourney I'll blog about Tuesday, like NFL fans who go to training camp. 


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