What about the 2015 list?
2015 NCAA Sweet Sixteen Mascot List with Emoji and Twitter Handles

Half of the 2015 Sweet Sixteen in Mascot Emoji

Listed in order from lowest seed to highest:

   Rameses the Ram, UNC Tar Heels

  Mr. Wuf, NC State Wolfpack

  The Leprechaun, Notre Dame Fighting Irish

  Joe Bruin, UCLA Bruins

   Swoop the red-tailed hawk, Utah Utes

   D'Artagnan, Xavier Muskeeters

  Wilbur T. Wildcat, Arizona Wildcats

  Wildcat, Kentucky Wildcats

Some  Most of these primary mascots have secondary mascots that usually don't travel with them.  Mr. Wuf has Mrs. Wuf. Joe Bruin has Josephine Bruin. D'Argagnan has the Blue Blob. Wilbur T. Wildcat has Wilma T. Wildcat. The Kentucky Wildcat has a child-friendly counterpart named Scratch.  Maybe they'll make an exception for this special occasion.

(The awesome emjois are courtesy of The Washington Post sharing the talents of Julia Heffernan with readers.)



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