2015 NCAA Sweet Sixteen Mascot List with Emoji and Twitter Handles
2015 Sweet Sixteen Mascot Breakdown - Nickname or Mascot?

2015 NCAA Sweet Sixteen Mascot Pairings with Emoji

No time to make this fit here, but I created a handy GoogleDoc of the 2015 Sweet 16 mascot emoji pairings. It's not exactly a bracket, but if you cross off the losers, you can use it as a wannabe bracket. (If you're a mascot fan with some web skills to contribute, let me know.)

Printing tips:

Select landscape and print background graphics. 

Zoom in or out (Ctrl + or Ctrl -) when the document is open to make sure all the parts are viewable on screen. When I printed from Chrome, it would only print what was showing on the screen. 

If you have any other printing tips, please leave a comment to help others. Thanks!


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