2014 - The First Five Teams to Punch Their Dance Cards
What happened to the 2014 list?

Where's Waldo? 2014 NCAA Tourney List Edition

The 2014 List of March Madness Mascots will be posted soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Know what's crazy? How the NCAA site buries the list of teams for the tournament. A few hours after the selectinos were announced I went looking for a list of teams at NCAA.com/march-madness.

Amidst all the ads for apps and gear, in the Latest Headlines section, there was link the article "Florida earns top billing." Buried at the end of theis aritcle was a link to the brackets. At the bottom of this page was a static menu banner with a link to the interactive bracket at NCAA.com/interactive-bracket/basketball-men/d1

Why did they make it so hard to find?

I'll post my list of the teams and the mascots ASAP. Though I don't know all the mascots yet, I do know that there is a Geoffrey Chaucer related mascot and a school with a mascot program that could be considered a farm team for professional mascots. Nice. If you like the mascot spin on the bracket, check out the Fat Pastor's take.


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