2013 NCAA Men's Division One Final Four Mascots
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Tonight's Mascots: Louisville's Louie the Cardinal Bird vs. Michigan's Nothing

The college basketball season ends tonight. Sigh. #1 seed Louisville meets #4 Michigan. I have no ties to either school, so I'm simply hoping for a good game. However, given my affinity for mascots, I'll consider the game through a mascotological lens. In the mascot battle at tonight's championship game Louisville is the clear winner because Michigan doesn't field an actual mascot. That was easy. 

As a bonus, Louie is also active on Twitter @LouietheCard (Especially appropriate since he's a bird.) He'll be busy tonight and tomorrow night since both Louisville's men's and women's basketball teams in a national title game.  


Louie the Cardinal Bird of Louisville has no competition tonight at 2013 NCAA Men's D1 Basketball Championship because Michigan doesn't have a costumed mascot. The game will be a closer contest.

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