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Student mascots don't fear the cheer -

WASHINGTON — Mascots can't two-step together at the men's NCAA basketball tournament. So how is it we call this the Big Dance?


Hink the Bulldog and Roc the Panther were chastised for a mascot dance-off during the Butler v Pittsburg game this past weekend. Not only does Erik Brady's USA Today article recap the rule-breaking, it goes behind the scenes with Hink, Roc and Jonathan the Husky from UConn, giving us a glimpse into mascot life. The reality TV show can't be far behind. 

2011 NCAA Sweet Sixteen Mascots now has the updated list of pairings for the 2011 Sweet Sixteen Mascots. Here's a quick overview:

One nut

Two wildcats (One team has two cats, so could be three wildcats total.)

Two rams (Though only one team named rams. Hmmm...)

One spider

One Bulldog 

One Husky

Two warriors (One also has a jaguar sidecick.)

One mythical bird (May have a Big and a Baby appear at games.) 

One alligator (They sometimes travel in twos, though.) 

One badger

One eagle

One cougar

One spiritual being

Can you name their respective schools without peeking? 


2011 Sweet 16 Merchandise!

Who Let the Dogmasks In?

What's up with the Bulldog masks at the Butler vs Old Dominion game? Students of Butler will have these masks supporting Butler Blue 2, their live English Bulldog mascot (not to be confused with Hink, the costumed Bulldog mascot) isn't allowed at the game.

Blue 2 will not be at the game due to an NCAA rule that only allows live mascots at the Final Four, where was he last year when Butler almost beat Duke. Not doubt he will be tweeting  @ButlerBlue2 and posting on his Facebook page during the game.