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Bleacher Report: Power Ranking the Mascots of the 2011 Sweet Sixteen

RichmondSpider2011Denver Vin Getz breaks down the mascots of the 2011 Sweet Sixteen with clever, sometimes informative, write-ups for each one at Bleacher

A few tidbits I learned: 

*Disney designed the Hink costume for Butler. Correction: Just found a article that said current Hink cosumes designed by Street Characters. Maybe stolen ones were designed by Disney. 

*The Richmond Spiders got their name from the baseball team's spindly legged pitcher back in 1894. 

Kudos for including the mascot couples: Albert & Alberta Alligator from Florida and Wilbur and Wilma T. Wildcat from Arizona. For whatever reason, the Albert and Wilbur perfrom solo duing basketball games. 

A few oversights: San Diego state recently added a costumed jaguar, Zuma, to add levity to the Aztec Warrior. However, I don't see Zuma on the sidelines during the UCONN game right now. Maybe there's an NCAA rule that allows only one mascot. Goofy NCAA mascot rules

Also, from what I understand, Florida State's Chief Osceola only appears at football games. (Can any FSU fans confirm that?) 


2011 Sweet 16 Merchandise!


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